Master’s Desires Unleashed

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anal play


cock worshipping

bareback sex

rough sex

Tamaki is a sex buttler. Today he was feeling it so much. He started sucking his masters cocks and looked cross eyed. He was talking with the dick in his mouth and said I need it so bad Daddy. He spread his legs and opened his ass hole and screamed "Fuck me daddy" and fuck me hard. He started shaking him self and swinging his balls. His master shoved it in and Tamaki screamed as his ass is being filled and he started fucking him on the carpet. He was vibrating as he was getting pounded. His face looked like he was happy smiling with his tounge out and eyes cross eyed. He moaned and said OHHHH UHHH Fuuck fuck fuck. They swithched the position so that Tamaki was strapped down and they fucked like animals so nasty. Tamaki was sayinG HE loves cock and was twitching. They came on the carpet. They were being overstimmed but kept fucking. The balls slapping against each other. He screamed Fuck me harder and was twerking on that dick. They did bdsm

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