Amy's Harpy Release

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Harpy Masturbation

Feather Sex

Interspecies Masturbation

Self-Sufficient Masturbation


Amy is reaching mating season right now, so need to handle her desires. She was reading some books while being aroused, and she kept reading to forget about it. But after a while, she couldn't hold on anymore and began to masturbate. Being a harpy meant that she didn't have fingers to pleasure herself, so at first she put the "wrist" part (if she had arms and hands like a human) of her wings to touch her panties and found that they were already soaked and the sticky white liquid were on her feathers. Using her bird legs to pull down the panties, Amy saw a white line from sexual fluid connecting the panties and her genitals. She used her feathers to touch the outside of her genitals. After that, she used the book to play with her pussy. She came, her squirt made a wings wet. She licked it and became more aroused. It was delicious. She needed more, so she had a flexible bird legs and talons penetrate her inside. She put out her shirt and threw away. Her wings also played with the nipples. She came again and fell asleep this time.

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