Keep: The Fall and Rise of Taylor

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Taylor Swift's private plane crashes in a violent unusual storm. She is the only survivor and wakes up on a beach, her clothes are in tatters. As the days pass, she struggled to find basics like food and water. Eventually the only thing she can find is a strange pinkish fruit to eat. As the days draw out, Taylor finds shelter, but is also constantly in fear of strange wild beasts she has seen stalking through the jungle. She's by a stream gathering water, when one of the beasts attacks her. She is saved by a huge naked neanderthal male. Describe the male as over 7 feet tall and his body as primal and powerful. He does not speak english. The male is fascinated by taylor's pale skin and bright yellow hair. She is unable to fight as he takes her and the dead beast back to his village. The villagers all all towering neanderthals. Their bodies all naked and painted with various designs. They were all naked and speak in grunts. The are all fascinated with how small and pale Taylor is. They are particularly fascinated with her hair. They strip of what is left of her clothes and throw them in the fire. After much debate, the village decides she is gift sent from their gods. The women clean her and bathe her in very odd oils and fruit. They feed her more of the pink fruit, and meats from the animals they kill. Taylor tries to escape, but they are amused at how quickly she is recaptured. As the days turn to weeks, Taylor notices that all the oils and things she is being covered in and the food she is given have started to make her body fill out and get more womanly. One night a strange greenish moon rises, and the village begins to celebrate. It is a fertility celebration, and the whole village descends into a frenzied Orgy. Taylor is passed from man to man, and she is overwhelmed and almost hurt by the size of their enormous cocks.

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