The Carpet Fuckers Initiation

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The Carpet Fuckers Initiation

bareback sex

animalistic sex

anonymous sex

gay sex

Tamaki, a sex buttler, is recruited by a secret organization known as The Carpet Fuckers. They operate underground, engaging in intense, anonymous bareback fucking sessions on some of the world's most luxurious carpets. As Tamaki's initiation ritual, he is ordered to fuck the man in front of him - a burly, bearded, leather-clad stranger. They begin their passionate encounter on the floor, their bodies grinding together as their clothes are discarded. Tamaki takes the man's cock deep into his throat, gagging and choking as he pleasures him. Finally, the pair stands up, their lust reaching a fever pitch. They pound into each other savagely, the man's heavy balls slapping against Tamaki's tits and ass. As they climax, they writhe together on the carpet, their bodies covered in sweat and cum.

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